It's the 1880's in the Holy States of America. Join cousins Belle, June and Vicki on their academic quest for truth and enlightenment!

Monday , January 17 , 2005 Geir StrÝm and Jeroen Jager editors

-the main characters exposed-

The only child of Hepusath Ashton (nee Willard) and the Bishop of New York, Aaron Baal Ashton. Studied at the New York Theological Seminarium, completing her doctoral thesis in Biblical Archeology at the remarkably early age of 19. Severed all ties to her family some years later, after some kind of personal crisis. Dodging the draft, she escaped to the Free State of California. Admitted back to the Holy States of America under the 1874 amnesty, but still believed to be on The FBI's black list.





The daughter of Hepusath Willard's sister Jesebel. Served as a drafted private in the Mexican Occupation Army (mustering out as Ecclesiastical Corporal Second Class), then worked as a deckhand on Antarctic whalers for three years. Spending every off duty hour hunched over books, she crammed for an engineering degree in anglical electronics and eventually won a Church scholarship to Princeton. Her thesis on elementary reliquary particles (the ERP-effect) caused some academic controversy in the mid seventies.


The third and youngest of the infamous Willard cousins,  Vicki spent a quiet, sheltered childhood with her parents (both emergency parsons) and five siblings in Boston, then went to the Theological Seminarium where she majored in Experimental Hebraic. Was still pursuing her studies, when she joined a study group visiting the Little Big Horn graal-dig. Reunited with her cousins, then members of that ill-fated expedition, just prior to chaplain Custer's ascension.


A whaler, later riverboat pilot on the Missisippi, Bernhard first met June onboard a scooner off the Falklands. It was only due to Bernhard's intervention  that the three cousins made their way alive out of chaplain Custer's camp in 1876, and he has remained with them eversince


Hepusath Ashton (nee Willard). Belle's mother, June and Vicki's aunt. Rumoured to be the gray eminence of the Ministry of Morale and the real power behind the Federal Bureau of Inquisiton.